Google’s CEO just sided with Apple in the encryption debate | The Verge

Nice nice…. It really boils down to the principle of it all. In a huge way this becomes the same fight people had way back in the middle ages against the then aristocracy. When did we become so retarded that we forgot how to process it thoughts about what we should do/how we should feel when it comes to the fundamentals that all people need? I saw some peeps being interviewed on the news this morning and they didnt see a problem with letting it happen. They reasoned with thoughts like “what if there’s more info useful about other terrorists? I think its okay in this case..” Those terrorists are dead, and what would/could they possibly have on their phones about anything if the route they (the couple/terrorists) chose that act as a thing to do that’s acceptable/further their ideas? Sure it scared a few folks…but overall it wasn’t very effective at all in making any point or furthering their fanatic agendas. Our lives and way of life is still prevailing. So my question is: We’ve placed rules and created laws to protect our societies, why digress out of fear? The mere fact that the peeps that want things such as access to personal info on phones and computers do not understand how to access it and/or aren’t capable of doing it themselves (otherwise they’d have already done so), is a horrible way to hinder our ability to think freely. Shit it’s like minority report, and that was a movie. Even so our problem lies in the individuals of said society not understanding what’s at stake at all…That’s why snowden did what snowden did. It’s sad when majority of us don’t even know who snowden is. Good call on Google and Apple to take a stand. Lets see if they can make it stick. What sucks is that the privacy matter is one of the things that our Western way of life should protect because it’s an ideal and necessity in all our lives. The terrorists don’t have it. They’re headed to caveman times. If it gets taken away, maybe then the masses will finally understand what they’ve lost, and we’ll be headed to cavemen times as well. Meh, I really hope we don’t go down that route.

– Fz

Forbes Now: Three Key Ways For Companies To Succeed In The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Forbes Now: Three Key Ways For Companies To Succeed In The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Scary times are now…. Lol

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Watch “The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans | Daniel Amen | TEDxOrangeCoast” on YouTube

Yes sir… I figured this out the hard way..(through years of reading, research, “experience”…and being honest bout myself whilst trying to making sense of it all=came up with the same end theory). Now you dont have to do all that/ you can just watch this video..  Hooray..

Forbes Now: Click Bait: Why Spotting it and Avoiding it Matters

Forbes Now: Click Bait: Why Spotting it and Avoiding it Matters.

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Forbes Now: 9 Principles For Overcoming The Fear Of Change

Forbes Now: 9 Principles For Overcoming The Fear Of Change.

– Fz