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Sound-ass logic…lol : Watch “How To Get a Job in the Music Industry | P&P Pro-Tips” on YouTube

Dude articulated it purty well… Started the band knowing this (what he mentions about investing in lifestyle and side hustles)… And my ears have worn tired from peeps (parents, relatives, friends, randoms) always asking me about music and what im doing with my life/if it’s gonna be doable financially and sustainable. My initial comment to my good friend and bandmate Munir before we started the band was “Dude, ya realize this is gonna be extremely, retardedly difficult right? Cuz we are attempting to make money off something that nobody actually needs (music is a want, not a need).?” Lol. Anyways, I’m still gonna be makin music forever but it’s definitely something I always consider and I feel is a good notion to understand/think about as the years pass.


Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do

Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do #TED :

– Fz

Artists should know…: Do I get Youtube ad revenue? Are there vids with my music?…How does it work?

Peter Wells said in reply to Kevin Weiss…

Kevin, I know this is crazy complex, but artists need to know how it all works.

YouTube sells ads on videos whenever they can. They split the ad revenue with whomever put up the video. When that video has music in it, money needs to go to whomever controls the sound recording (Master) and/or the song (Composition). YouTube knows this and has to pay them, but often don’t know to whom.

Audiam was built to solve this problem. Anyone with a Master or Composition or both can tell us about it (free) and we’ll go to work finding videos all over YouTube that use even a tiny piece of their music. When we find it, we get YouTube to put ads on the video so the artist can get their fair share.

This leaves two cases:

1) We found videos using that music, but it’s the artists’s own music videos, on their own channel. In that case, we pass along 100% of whatever YouTube owes. Audiam takes 0%.

2) We found videos using the music, but the artist didn’t put them up: strangers did, or friends, or just random people who found the song somewhere, or a band doing a cover, anything like that. In this case, we pass along 75% of whatever YouTube owes. Audiam takes a 25% fee.

No matter what, the artist is going to see a report on their Audiam account showing every single video found with their music on it, including a link right to that video. Nothing could be more transparent. It’s all in our FAQ.

As for distribution into iTunes, Spotify, AmazonMP3, and so on, provided by our partner DistroKid, it’s very simple:

When iTunes (or any store) sells or streams a song, they take the money it earns and split it: the store keeps some, the rest goes to the artist. 100% of that artist share goes back to the artist: neither DistroKid nor Audiam takes a cut. That’s it, plain and simple.

How does DistroKid make it’s money? $19.99 at a time, per year. Once. You might have two songs or two thousand, one album or one million, it’s still only $19.99 for a whole year. Artists will see reports of every single song sold/streamed and how much it earned. Couldn’t be more clear.

Hope this helps.


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This was good insight for artists on the breakdown re: revenue coming from, Audiam, and newer distribution service… From Mr. Peter Wells (who I believe works over at, who provided the info in the comments section…I thought that was awesome because plenty of people are a bit retarded and well, que sera sera but it was nice for Mr. Wells to go ahead and attempt to provide some info. Things have been changing fast…. New markets emerge and the new systems that are put in place to channel the monies that come in, are often not common knowledge/something you’d pick up from word of mouth. Being an Independant artist, I feel it’s crucial to keep aware of the constant changes of the industry and how you’ll be affected by it, because the more info you have, the better decisions you’ll be able to make. If you’d like to make a career out being an artist and not be broke all the time….you have to face the fact that unfortunately YOU are in charge of your revenue stream and there’s a lot of little different ways your music will (hopefully) bring in some cash, so you want to be able to max those revenue streams as best as you can.. (Because: Ultimately with more funds, you’ll be able to continue to make more music…yey!)

So don’t be afraid to learn and soak up as much info as ya can dudes….business is fun 🙂

Check these sites out…:

Great site with all sorts of tips and useful info:

and hope all is well…


How do I write a song? (plus 4 do’s & don’ts for writing songs link via BMI.COM)

4 Do’s and Don’ts When writing a song…(Link from BMI.Com)

This is something I always get asked, and I say pretty much exactly the same thing as stated in the intro paragraph of the article (click on the link and you shall receive context..): “It depends, ” I’d always reply… Here’s my breakdown of how it goes for me:

When I know what I want to talk about in the song/Have lyrics initially:

In my experience, when I’ve wanted to get a certain point across or theme, I write out the lyrics exactly like I’d write out an argumentative essay: Intro, body (introducing the subject matter), {chorus: which is the overall message of the song} supportive body for the second verse, {Chorus again}, Bridge (like a lil addendum or an added idea that supports what I’ve said in the chorus ) and then just to remind the listener of the whole shindig: ending chorus…boom then add music…LOL…

Adding the music usually goes from finding the chords that complement/fit well with the way I’m singing the lyrics and then it’s possible to elaborate once ya have those “root” notes/chord changes of the song..

When I know what I want to talk about in the song/Have the music initially:

When I have the music laid out or group of riffs/ that I wanna turn into a song (aka. having the music before the lyrics) or my band and I will get together and form the music for what will ultimately become a song…. It’s pretty much similar to the process above…..cept we have the music so I find it much easier to fit words or vocal melodies that mesh well with the underlying music. (It’s like frosting on a cupcake…the cupcake was good but put some frosting on that beeeaoch…and that shit becomes taste-tastic). General rule: Write according to what best works for the song. I mean write out your lil essay format as described and then try the lyrics out by singing them out while you’re playing the music/hearing the music. You’ll get a feel for what works best…at least I do ususally, and if words need to be changed or a phrase can be reworked so that it gels with the corresponding part of the song, it’s no biggie. Cupcake analogy: You wouldn’t use hummus as the frosting on a chocolate cupcake and expect it to taste awesome, would you? (I dunno it’s very possible that it tastes fantastic to ya but I’ve tried it and it’s not great….it’s not even good/actually makes you feel not good) Def. try different frostings tho. 😉

Overall, regardless of what comes first (or if they kind of happen together during the writing process), I like to have a purpose or point to the songs that I set out to write (that I hope whoever listening to it will be able to identify/relate to)….otherwise why write em you know?

When I don’t know what I’d like to write about or say aka. stuff just comes outta me:

I’ve started to enjoy the whole “hands off” approach where for some odd reason, outta somewhere, a melody or idea will pop into my head and I’ll just  sound ’em out or like sing out the melody….and then like auto-pilot the words sorta just fill in themselves. It’s pretty freakin awesome, and honestly I probably seem like I’m just mumbling to some people/look crazy when I do this…..But it’s alot of fun, and usually it ends up pretty awesome. I also usually will hear the multiple parts of the song/different instrument parts (that if I had 15 arms I’d prob. be able to articulate the idea straight out so it makes sense to someone listening), or where the songs headed next….so I’ll just try to write out the parts (guitar one….then guitar two…bass line…etc…) and pladow:  the songs end up writing themselves. (These songs usually end up having a theme as well….)  FUN STUFF 😉

Hope this helps…..



Crap I did it….I did what I said I wasn’t going to do….

Mother**ker….I lagged on this blog. I started to not care about it. That was quick lol. In my race to start being a better me, tie all my loose ends, and repair all my retarded ways (in which this page was supposed to be a reflection of….) I sure was super willing to start being super comfy super quick as the first signs of it actually working became apparent. Positive reinforcement can be a douchebag sometimes. Lmao. What a sneaky borderline-hypocritical jackass (myself). Tsk tsk…

NOTE TO SELF: No comfyness dude…do what you set out to do and finish what you started & stop being a lil bitch-bro.

Yey…. 🙂

Embed stuff? hmmm let’s see…

HAHAHA guess it didn’t work…. I’m guessing I’ll have to sign up for one of the WP add-ons such as Videopress or something else.. (Unless someone knows how to enable embeddable content without having to pay? hmmm sounds like a question for google)

First post off the nexus 7…

The app for mobile is pretty easy to use…let’s see if it does what its supposed to…

* 🙂 Yes sir…I posted….and it posted accordingly….I’m like alotta years late on this but these guys that created WP and the app are geniuses.

Here we go….

This is my first post ever…I’m using the QuickPress tool from the dashboard of WP…So I think I’ve got the hang of this. Dude this is ridiculously easy. The Dashboard has a nice menu with pretty much all you’d need/want to do to your page. Siiiic. Format of the page is easy to manipulate, and UI is pretty clean cut/everything is pretty self-explanatory. Yey. I’m sure I’ll run into stuff I don’t get but this was easy enough.  🙂