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Watch “Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality | Anil Seth” on YouTube

This was fandamtastic … #mindblown #mindnotblown #lol


Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do

Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do #TED :

– Fz

What Wealth Does To Your Soul

Exactly what ive tried to articulate… This was super well written and does the job. It’s absolute weaksauce…. And its intrinsic disvalue is really apparent if ya honestly attempt to see it.. Scary cool…

What Do We Lose If We Let Fear Win Over Art?

Absolutely well written….what i love about this post is that it does something I’ve been trying I’ve been stressing to everyone recently…. Find the root cause/underlying issue of whatever you’re asking or having qualms about….stick to that instead of worrying about details/making the shit more complex..and you’ll be able to 1. Understand the issue at hand and 2. Figure out the solution. Simplify but don’t make things more simple… (In this case, we the people are once again giving up what is supposed to be one of the great things about this country…freedom….ouch) Fear is not an appropriate motivator for a society that wishes to be better than what it was yesterday… (That + when censor art = we censor our ability to think, yo….super ouch)

Thought Catalog: ‘Art is Bullshit’ And 10 More Critical Things I Will Teach You About Art

Thought Catalog: ‘Art is Bullshit’ And 10 More Critical Things I Will Teach You About Art.

The last line of this article is super close to what i always tried to describe it as…. Instead of “feels like you’ve been kissed by god..” (Which is a way better descrip.. ) I’ve said “things just fall outta the sky like rain…” And when it comes to guitar playing.. “The patterns just end up fitting like a puzzle and stuff”… Some coo shit man… In never ceases to wow the f outta me…

Why Bad People Make The Best Leaders

This is hilariously EXACTLY what i was a lil ashamed to elaborate upon when i softly mentioned to one of my cousins that: Dude, i’m not really that “good” of a person. He was a bit taken back by me saying this….. I had was his older cousin, pretty much older bro, and complete partner in crime so-to-speak for our whole lives.. He quickly fired back with “wtf u talking bout bro? Ur like one of the best people on the planet….u do so much, u help everyone…no way….” Locking his stare directly at my face to see whether this was real or if i was just on another one of my rants…. he didnt wanna believe that the notion could be true…even though in that same moment he realized…”shit he is right….again..”/

Watch “Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters” on YouTube

Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters:

Pretty sic….great talk on explaining why privacy matters and goes over why its important to explain privacy to those who have the impaired belief that “i dont have to worry about privacy because im not doing anything wrong….” Good stuff

Re: Objectification

Check out this cool image made with PicsArt by @fahimuzzaman at


Artists should know…: Do I get Youtube ad revenue? Are there vids with my music?…How does it work?

Peter Wells said in reply to Kevin Weiss…

Kevin, I know this is crazy complex, but artists need to know how it all works.

YouTube sells ads on videos whenever they can. They split the ad revenue with whomever put up the video. When that video has music in it, money needs to go to whomever controls the sound recording (Master) and/or the song (Composition). YouTube knows this and has to pay them, but often don’t know to whom.

Audiam was built to solve this problem. Anyone with a Master or Composition or both can tell us about it (free) and we’ll go to work finding videos all over YouTube that use even a tiny piece of their music. When we find it, we get YouTube to put ads on the video so the artist can get their fair share.

This leaves two cases:

1) We found videos using that music, but it’s the artists’s own music videos, on their own channel. In that case, we pass along 100% of whatever YouTube owes. Audiam takes 0%.

2) We found videos using the music, but the artist didn’t put them up: strangers did, or friends, or just random people who found the song somewhere, or a band doing a cover, anything like that. In this case, we pass along 75% of whatever YouTube owes. Audiam takes a 25% fee.

No matter what, the artist is going to see a report on their Audiam account showing every single video found with their music on it, including a link right to that video. Nothing could be more transparent. It’s all in our FAQ.

As for distribution into iTunes, Spotify, AmazonMP3, and so on, provided by our partner DistroKid, it’s very simple:

When iTunes (or any store) sells or streams a song, they take the money it earns and split it: the store keeps some, the rest goes to the artist. 100% of that artist share goes back to the artist: neither DistroKid nor Audiam takes a cut. That’s it, plain and simple.

How does DistroKid make it’s money? $19.99 at a time, per year. Once. You might have two songs or two thousand, one album or one million, it’s still only $19.99 for a whole year. Artists will see reports of every single song sold/streamed and how much it earned. Couldn’t be more clear.

Hope this helps.


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This was good insight for artists on the breakdown re: revenue coming from, Audiam, and newer distribution service… From Mr. Peter Wells (who I believe works over at, who provided the info in the comments section…I thought that was awesome because plenty of people are a bit retarded and well, que sera sera but it was nice for Mr. Wells to go ahead and attempt to provide some info. Things have been changing fast…. New markets emerge and the new systems that are put in place to channel the monies that come in, are often not common knowledge/something you’d pick up from word of mouth. Being an Independant artist, I feel it’s crucial to keep aware of the constant changes of the industry and how you’ll be affected by it, because the more info you have, the better decisions you’ll be able to make. If you’d like to make a career out being an artist and not be broke all the time….you have to face the fact that unfortunately YOU are in charge of your revenue stream and there’s a lot of little different ways your music will (hopefully) bring in some cash, so you want to be able to max those revenue streams as best as you can.. (Because: Ultimately with more funds, you’ll be able to continue to make more music…yey!)

So don’t be afraid to learn and soak up as much info as ya can dudes….business is fun 🙂

Check these sites out…:

Great site with all sorts of tips and useful info:

and hope all is well…