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Your Phone Was Made By Slaves: A Primer on the Secret Economy –

When the realization happens ….ya can’t really go back..and then ya see it everywhere, all around you. Your friends, your family, your coworkers, your neighbor, your random fellow human beings. We re all pretty sick if we can pretend that the cost of being in our various states of being that we choose to embrace doesn’t exist. And in that awareness that occurs, the acknowledgement of the rest of the worlds existence in comparison to yours…lies a simple vehemently disgraceful choice that is all too freakin normal and taken by far too many of us…its fucking disgusting. Ugh. That’s the sum of my issues right now. Who the hell wants to exist in this world if we cant exist together and progress as well…? Well f that, even the best of us are at fault in at least some of the ways..we dont choose the life we are born into, and I really dont expect anyone to try to swim against the currents that come with the oceans they begin in… But dont fuckin believe it’s not an ocean and you’re a fuckin mermaid while the plankton creates the bouency you need to stay afloat…. Crap i need to bounce to practice now. Just as well I suppose.. (I started talking about mermaids in oceans with phytoplankton… Good time to stop thinking hahaha). Honestly i just wish for us to Be aware and then not digress. Mermaids man


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