You can learn creativity, but not very much of it

I always figured that what fuels creativity (at least for me) comes in these little random, spontaneous sparks of information….it could be anything….The key difference between what the creative folk and whoever is deemed “non-creative” do is rather than merely observe the occurrence, they’ll find away to have it make sense in their world (I use the term “world” here in place for a persons being/consciousness/life/mind/thought process/whatever etc..)….At least that’s how I see it (and it makes sense and aligns itself with what’s sort of being said in the article)… But yeah, I figure in reality all of us (if not just a majority) have the same propensity to be super great as we do to be completely retarded.. but somewhere there’s an underlying choice to “experience” something rather than just “observe” it. Meh, honestly it’s not even worth discussing it’s so silly.. We can all be creative.. and we all are creative in diff. ways.


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