Low Vitamin D Levels Linked To Disease In Two Big Studies


Reblog for notes…..ive been horrible in recent years in re: taking care of myself, “depression it seems is a frustrating mess” lol. No but this is a good thing that made me think…..I love milk, and I love cereal….and in the case of milk…..I know its fortified up the hizzass with vit. D and I believe a….and I luv the sun…so plus points for that.. .oh and in regarfs to cereal? One of my faves is mini wheats…I enjoy a huge fiber intake so I look for stuff that’ll hook it up in that dept…. so one of these days im gonna go over and start using this blog for an actual directed purpose rather than as a scrapbook for myself to repost info, and things that made me think and helped me do the whole “becoming the best me” quest… and in re: to that, it’s working, this year is definitely a diff animal than last year….and its fuckin awesome…yeeeeaaa hahaha (god I hope no one reads this, im so wierd) etc..etc… 🙂


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