Lessons From The Samurai: The Secret To Always Being At Your Best

Fahim (age 12) – “You aren’t a samurai….” ”
Shawn (age 9) – “Yah I am, YOU’RE actually not a samurai”

Why this article about the samurai on Umano appealed enough to me to click/listen to and then share it with you…. : My cousin Shawn and I had this thing with each other where we’d jokingly bark out silly phrases to each other…..because…um, well honestly who knows why other than the fact we’re silly people…silly and muthaeffin WISE as f**k….elaborating: one of us would say (without any provocation/out of nowhere) “You’re not a samurai….”  And upon hearing this phrase the other would exclaim with disbelief at the sudden and doubtful statement just made about them “No….YOU’RE not a samurai….”  Sometimes we’d go back and forth repeating the phrase and sometimes we’d just bust out into laughter…… Little did we know we were unknowingly spouting out and ”playing catch” with some kickass wisdom about calmness and that we were really just checking each other in regards to whether or not we were “chill”… Lol listen on and hopefully this will make sense…


Okay so i was trying to remember where’d we come up with that exactly and my first thought was from ninja turtles, but na, it actually came from the bengali phrase “cheenos amare?” Which translates to “do you know who i am?” Which would be used probably by some cocky individual who believed that their status proceeds them/errbody should know who they are and act accordingly etc etc…we recognized that this was obviously a retarded thing to say by anyone and so it became an inside joke between us….”cheenosamare” spoken quickly and whilst said   without poise easily became “chino samurai” and then further evolved into the subject phrase “you’re not a samurai” said in it’s accompanying accusational tone..  (tmnt actually just further solidified the notion that it was cool to run questioning the samurainess of peeps…) It does make sense I guess, we were basically saying ” you’re not cool..” To each other….and the article sums up the idea that practicing the ability to stay calm and/or maintain a level of cool/chill helps you be at your best….yey

I think our Lil phrases has further evolved into: “yo dude, is you is? Or is you ain’t?…” (From that blues song that was on a tom n jerry cartoon episode hahaha) lmaooo …anyways, hope ya have an awesome and chill day 🙂



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