How To Stay Focused When You Get Bored Working Toward Your Goals

Yey consistency! I realized that the simple fact that consistency is what separates the “pros” from those that wish they were “pros”…after being questioned time and time again about how our band slant is different from any other bands out there and why i believe the music that we make in our band slant is something that anyone would choose to care about. I can’t say we’re any better than anyone really….all I really could answer that question with is the fact that we’re making music as honestly and “purely” as we can…and by “honestly” and “purely” I mean we try to put out music that we believe in as our best articulation/conveyance of whatever thought or subject that we’re trying to get across….and that’s what I think peeps can notice intrinsically and even more importantly: have had people voice is what they’ve noticed and is appealing, and ultimately what sets us apart. Well, that’s pretty cool because its hella easy to write cool songs without purpose or slack off and not ….so its nice that we’re possibly doing well in achieving that goal of being able to make music and songs that people enjoy and will listen to, I play guitar everyday, i make some kinda music everyday, i learn new stuff everyday and and i try to make my everyday choices/decisions in accordance to our want…..which is being able to continue making music feasibly for the rest of my life, because its that important to me….and whats cool for me lately, ive noticed that nowpeople have seemed to understand that its not just a phase of my life or a simple hobby in my eyes…so that’s pretty cool and it did take a bit to be accepted as a person in a “real” band (whatever that means…) And so yeah, that’s what we offer….consistency in the pursuit of making music and always learning what we can, when we can so we can continue to do what we do and hopefully continue to do so…..


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