Tommorow’s almost here….. :) I’m happy we get to play a show…

Tommorow’s almost here….. 🙂 I’m happy we get to play a show…

It’s pretty awesome that we get excited to play shows still. Like honestly….it’s been oh say about 13 years since we started the band, and our first gig as a complete band was at the whisky a go go. We just finished recording a demo….spray painted some cdr’s with our band name and got an la weekly and looked up venues to try and see if we can get a show. It was fun, we didn’t think anything of it really, we sucked and highly doubted that we’d score a gig at all….. The one of the guys that was in the booking office upstairs was like “oookay you guys want to get info on if you can book a show…. um so you guys have a demo or something to turn in?” to which we gladly replied ” Yeah!” and handed over the shabby home made disc. They were like “Is this spray paint? This isn’t gonna mess up the cd player is it?” and Munir and I were like “Nah, it plays in the car cd player, it should be cool…” and they listened to two of the tracks and then shut it off, and asked us if we’d like to play on a monday night as one of the early bands for a circus freak show type night that a member of GWAR was doing… We said “Hell Yeah Man! We’ll play whenever!” And we signed the agreement and got our tickets we had to sell etc, I think they gave us about 30…and we hurried home and hit up our other bandmates and all our friends…..Show went well (at least we thought at the time) and It was a lot of fun/had about 40-45 peeps show up for us…which was great because I’m sure no one expected anyone to come really…..but they did… and that started Slant’s little foray unto the Sunset Strip in L.A…. It’s the Whisky A GoGo’s 50th anniversary this year and we get to do a show/be an opener for one of headlining acts they have this whole month, Buckcherry… and honestly, the feeling is always still the same as the first time we got to walk in to the Whisky, got to go upstairs and check out the walls & dressing rooms, and got to step out on that stage…..I don’t know how it is for anyone else really…but for us, it’s crazy….Even though it changed a lil bit superficially over the years, and the walls are all painted over now (you can still make out the scratches and stuff of some peeps/bands), you can definitely FEEL the history. It’s def. hella cool being on that stage where so many of our favorite bands started, took over, and became the famous, legendary, musicians that we all know today. It’s been a lil over a decade since we’ve got to start shows there…..and I hope we can continue doing shows there for another ten, twenty, whatever and however long we get to play music for peeps as a band together…Thanks to all the everyone that has ever come see us, all the bands we’ve got to meet and play with, all the staff & security, all the sound & light guys/gals, everyone at M Productions, and lastly, to the Whisky itself…..and hope it still does what it does in the next fifty years that come…

* I was born on sunset blvd yo.. hahaha in a hospital (the Kaiser on Sunset) and so was Munir….

* Cool little fun fact that’s pretty silly…: In the movie “The Banger Sisters” (which is about Susan Sarandon & Goldie Hawn reminiscing about being Groupies of the Strip…it was aiite) Munir and I are in one of the split-second shots they used for their opening scenes in front of the Whisky. We had a show the night they were shooting and we kept seeing this trailer with a bunch of camera’s so the third time they came around I was shouted out “YEEEEEAAAHH” and stuck my hand up….and it’s in the movie LMAO…. It’s only a split second…but it’s def cool….Oh and the band we’re opening for, Buckcherry, is the band in the movie that is playing at the club right after the title shots when the movie starts….(oooooooo and now we’re playing with em & other coo artists: MADYSIN HATTER & BRAVE ULYSSES at the show tomz….)

Oh and it’s SOLD OUT…

shall be good times friends, good times….


…. lol


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