A Critique of Global Culture

damn shizzle…..this is just good philosophy…

The Wisdom Of Life

In his book, Amusing Ourselves to Death, Neil Postman conveyed a dystopian vision based on how a particular medium for communication powerfully shapes the the kinds of messages that can be delivered through it. He outlined how different mediums have an inherent carrying capacity because they allow only certain kinds of information to pass through them as a conduit. For instance; smoke signals are not equipped to effectively convey mathematics or philosophy. When our culture was far more literate and books were the bread and butter of reason and discourse, he argued we were better equipped to parse fact from fancy, understand with more depths the communication pouring from all corners of the culture and as a consequence, more able to recognize and thereby exert more control over our destiny. The age of enlightenment may have been born on the backbone of the printing press. Neil warned that mediums such…

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