5 Ways to Gain More Fans

eh…it’s good advice as any… I like number 1 a lot

Music Solutions Blog

In the current musical climate, building a real, worthwhile fan base is at the forefront of any successful band; especially those with longevity. That is why it is extremely important to value your fans and always be finding new ways to build your legion of adoring fans.  Here’s 5 quick tips to help you gain a few new fans and followers.


#1. Don’t Suck

Seriously. Be good at your instruments, play in tune, and have good songs. Practice, practice, practice. Without this there is no amount of marketing that can save you.


#2. Know Your Fan Base

You need to know who to target if you want to attract the right fans. Do you know similar bands in your genre or bands whose fans would like your bands too? Do your fans also like similar movies/tv shows or extra curricular activities (sports, tattoos, etc…)? Knowing the demographics or…

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