This possibly could be my fav ted talk so far…. Andrew Solomon: Love, no matter what

Andrew Solomon: Love, no matter what #TED :

Whew, shit be it the fact that it’s seven in the morning and I just woke up (and everything’s just got this “wooooaah that’s awesome” coating on it) or that this talk is just solid as solid can be…. This was intensely good.

The title of the talk is what got me to watch it (I agree with the title fully) and the dude (Mr. Solomon) talks about unconditional love and a tangent off it, unconditional acceptance. He describes how it’s said that in becoming and being a parent to a child, you gain sight of what its like to truly unconditionally love….and until you are a parent, you can’t really understand the feeling of being one (which was awesome, cuz my mom has said that since I can remember…..which is like when I was four I think…), and that it often gets confused with unconditional acceptance….which isn’t as autonomous as love in its process of developing in a person.

It gives basis for that whole love is intrinsic, whereas acceptance is more of a choice….but nonetheless a choice we should realize how to make….

Hit me on a few levels, stuff i have dealt with growing up…where my mom didnt necess agree with what i chose to do and in a past relationship with a gf and one with a friend where I pretty much was arguing the point that I do love the person, but I disagree with her/their choices….and it’s def a hard point to get across, but it’s the truth.

Solomon takes it and applies it to even more depths and its awesome how he sums it all up.

Yet Monday…aaaaaaahhhh. (This feeling of “up” will soon come down I’m sure….albeit I do have a bagel n cream cheese waiting in the kitchen…so probably not soon…hahaha I’m retarded)


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