Pain and responding to it…. (Plus an article Re: Chronic Back pain/Men’s Health)

Cool read:

Hooray, I’m still feeling a bit under the weather still (this will be the third day outta work, which is fantastic cuz I’m out of paid sick days aka. This royally sucks ba**s..), but hey, now that all the congestion in my face and my ear has moved from the right side of my face to the left side…and the pain has also shifted it sorta made me think…why and how….right? So I started reading and came across this..pretty cool read. Helped a little bit in understanding and supporting my speculations/thoughts in re: physiology and how our bodies and minds can be affected by one another….and relatable because my mom had a ton of health problems (later diagnosed with minear’s disease) after my dad had passed, and my sis and band manager had recently gotten diagnosed with crohn’s (sis) and ulcerative colitis (manager). All of them had quite a bit of stress buildup mentally that (which in my opinion) I believe was a precursor to their bodies manifesting the improper dealing with/processing said stress into their respective diseases…One of my ex gf’s recently was diagnosed as bipolar (i believe 2) and i honestly believe i had witnessed that develop over time as a sum of her improperly dealing with her stresses and her anxieties (and after a bit of research, found that that exactly is one of the possible precursors)….And as always, I can (arguably) be completely wrong and (possibly) have no basis for this line thinking…but then again….maybe I’m not that far off? Meh, I’ll science prove to us what we already sorta know and just hope the rest of us, including myself, will listen to our bodies honestly and act accordingly (without fear….fear leads to the dark side -yoda)

P.s. I felt a lot better, physically and mentally, after writing and posting this… šŸ˜‰


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