Got a laggy old Nexus 7? Here’s why Android 4.3 will restore its performance.

Ya, my nex still runs great even through all the installing and uninstalling of apps and data overtime. Have noticed a slight (barely) lag in regards to some things, and some residual files/folders…but after the update it seemed to take care of all that and return to its zippy, “when I first got it” feel. Yey lil nex! Thanks for the good read as well, Mr. Tofel.


Don’t upgrade from an old Nexus 7(s goog) to a new one just yet; at least not if your reason for upgrading is because your current tablet has been getting slower over time. Try the Android 4.3 software update first, which is now in the process of rolling out to Nexus devices. It turns out there’s a simple reason why the performance of some of the 2012 Nexus 7 tablets degraded and it can be fixed through software.

Brian Klug of AnandTech confirmed the fix, which is the inclusion and regular scheduling of a specific software command in Android 4.3. The command helps manage and optimize the tablet’s flash memory.

“In our Nexus 7 (2013) review, I talked about how I had confirmed that Android 4.3 onboard the device had enabled support for fstrim, an application which TRIMs blocks not in used by the filesystem. TRIM is…

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