Why Do We Endlessly Retweet Tragedy?

Ahh this is good…….


With the utmost respect for victims and survivors, may I question why we feel so compelled to personally spread bad news? Why with each bombing or disaster we all race to tell everyone we know what happened? We’ve realized the power of social media for distributing real-time news. It lets us express empathy, but can also spread fear and misinformation. It’s time to ask if and when we’re helping.

Spreading accurate information to those that need it is important. But how many of the retweets of a smoking fuselage or broken city street actually accomplish that?

If you’re on the scene, say what you saw. Tell friends that you’re safe and assist fact-checking news organizations to piece the real story together.

If there is still danger, those who are in danger must be informed. If a factory fire is pumping noxious fumes into the surrounding community, if a hurricane suddenly changes…

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