Texas and Turkey show why Twitter is often the only media outlet that matters

Put the power into peoples hands = You shall receive truth/Unbiased media outlet.

Yeah we don’t need to get a news crew out there……info is NOW and it’s happening NOW…lol
I was also thinking about how cool twitter is in terms of gettin info from peeps that are at the scene of event… sure not everyone is gonna perceive an event the right way but that’ll be up to the person that is reading the posts right? I’m wondering how it is in regards to bias in media
(ack i gotta go to the post office right now… i dunno if i can make this thought cohesive enough to tie in but f it….)
Some peeps can and will argue that curated media outlets are necessary to cut out all the garbage/irrelevant + incorrect info/bullshit….. buuuuuut: I think we’re finding that just like any situation and in just about every facet of life, the garbage gets filtered out anyways. I had asked in an earlier post why people use the power of the web for negative things when we can use em for positive stuff…and after i posted and thought about it for a bit…I realized that’s kind of a lame/naive question to ask, the equivalent of asking why did adam/eve take a bite outta the apple? The obvious answer is cuz we can. Ideals don’t exist when measured against the reality of
anything and in terms of having media outlets that are curated at all, creates a bias whether or not we know realize it or not. News feed sites/apps or things like twitter that allow their users to post things lets the receiver/reader/consumer/follower of the content to make their own decisions on whether or not its relevant , no? but along the lines of inter-subjectivity etc… i dunno maybe but i liked this article ..it was good read and im repostin it on mine cuz it got me thinking…yey for thinking! (shit i better run the post office closes soon.)


By now, it’s become pretty obvious that Twitter can be an incredibly useful — if also somewhat flawed — source of real-time news during catastrophic events like the Boston bombings or the shootings at Sandy Hook elementary school. But in most of those cases, Twitter is just one of hundreds of different media sources, all competing for attention. I think the network shows its real power as a media entity when traditional media is nowhere to be found — and that became abundantly obvious during two recent incidents: the demonstrations in Turkey and the filibuster of an anti-abortion bill in Texas.

The epic tale of Texas state senator Wendy Davis and her passionate stand against a proposed abortion bill is a classic example of a news story that didn’t really become obvious until it was well underway — so in a metaphorical sense at least, it was a little like…

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