Need another cc payment accepting solution? Check out FLINT

Forbes: Flint: Doing An End-Run On The Mighty Square.

We might try this for the band….tech is getting more savvy these days and as long as the cust trusts it, it’s a good way along with square and PayPal here to accept cc’s for whatever you’re selling. Lots of peeps don’t carry cash and lots of bands, DJ’s, Lil mobile Biz’s could benefit from those sales they’d regularly lose if they weren’t able to accept credit cards. Glad there are more and more options becoming avail.


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2 responses to “Need another cc payment accepting solution? Check out FLINT”

  1. Kelly Morales says :

    Hello Slant! Just wanted to leave a quick comment after seeing this blog. I’ve worked in the merchant services industry for the last three years and agree that bands certainly would benefit from having credit card processing capabilities at events. Staren Black currently uses Square at our Merch booth and so far it works acceptably. Just be SURE you read the agreement before signing because there are so many up-charges that merchant service companies hide in their service. Like extra fees for rewards cards or the dreaded Monthly Minimum fee. The best thing any group can do is have someone understand the situation they are getting the band into and how to best use a potentially beneficial tool. If you have any other questions, drop me a line on Facebook.
    Kelly Morales – Bass – Staren Black

  2. Jdngerz says :

    I agree totally… We use both the Paypal Here services and the Square services (just because of one was avail. before the other…) and yeah when it comes to anything, especially financial services that ya plan on using…fine print must be read and understood.

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