Listen to “Unstoppable Learning” on Stitcher

Duuuuude….this blew my mind. This talk is about self-organizing process such as learning…and it’s basically the best part of attempting to show anybody anything… letting them figure it out and understand on their own. I learned to use this kinda teaching/showing stuff to peeps partially from my dad and partially from others (and let’s not forget myself). I remember I’d follow him around and would ask him questions (mainly what are you doing and then why) and instead of getting direct answers & explanations all the time, He’d often give me bits and pieces and let me figure out the underlying answers and reasons. It was awesome. It really does revolve around developing the ability to be empathetic towards one another. Anyways, I joke around and say “I’m practicing Inception like in that one movie…” but really, just as stated later in this talk…I’m hoping to inspire other peeps the way others have inspired me. Let’s not stop asking why  and never ever stop learning…


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