Do I Have to Spell It Out for You?

I was just talking about this…..glad someone can articulate these thoughts….wu tang to that sir, wu tang.

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Hey everybody!

Im poping in to Read Tentacle today to let you guys no about why paying attention in your english class was like, a super importent thing you should of done. Why? Because if you send someone an email that looks anything like that sentence, they will take you a hell of a lot less seriously than if you had taken 10 seconds to proofread your shit.

 How often have you picked up a phone to contact a label recently? Or called a college paper to get them to write a feature on your new LP? Case in point. Most business is done online these days, which means that the first impression someone has of your band or company is through writing. Don’t fuck it up by making such an awful impression that they don’t even want to click that play button it took them 5 minutes to find…

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