Demanding a Better Artist? (Yeah, I think we’re all there dude)

That was a good and quick read by and it’s a good example of what we’ve been talking about:

We just had a band meeting and I stressed the important of understanding “the way things are…at the moment” in terms of marketing our band (I’ve been wanting to do a post about this cuz it’s insanely imperative for us/anyone really trying to market stuff at the moment.. but got a bunch of s**t going on life-wise/been a tad bit busy lately/bleh). Main point is: We’ve shifted to a value-oriented market place and it requires us as artists to provide that value to the fans. We’re not the special ones, the fans/people you are trying to win over are. Amazing is still amazing, but the bar is definitely set higher as far as what people want and expect. At least I know that’s true for me….I as a person living now in 2013 with a computer/phone/tablet + internet can access whatever the f I want kinda music at whatever the f time I want to listen to it….And even if I do like your music…..why am I gonna shell out my hard earned cash to come to your show? hmmmm. I know going to a live show is way more fun than not going….but I can only imagine other peeps probably feel the same (They’re probably saying it in a much nicer way), and we expect someone that’s performing to be awesome, right? Well, so we (my band) talked about it at our meeting and started thinking in terms of “what we want as fans/consumer when we go see someone play/come across new music..” and what matters to us as fans of music… So we’re gonna try our best to provide that. The last show we played was really cool because it gave me the chance to own up to the words that I speak…..And I think we did well, and I felt pretty damn good about it….It was fun and we met alot of new, cool peeps as well. 🙂 On to the next yo…on to the next.



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