We’re all creators now…..Yep

So I’ve been meaning to vent out a piece about the way we use the internet, given that it is such a powerful tool (and more and more of us are using it everyday)….and what struck me as odd was why we’d choose to use it in a negative manner at all in regards to the various degrees of negativity that we have… It’s inevitable, sure, but let’s face it: if you’re on the internet you are creating 1’s and 0’s in a very real but virtual world that is a part of our tangible lives and someone/something somewhere will notice (whether it matters or it’s significant, worthwhile, redundant, or not) and react as well…so I guess that gives us ALL a little shot at the power of creation..so what’s funny to me is that the ability to create something used to come with a format and guidelines (schools can make engineers and sex can make babies) and in turn, we’d gain discipline and a conscience of what we create, right? Power and knowledge without discipline creates an f’d up world, right? So lately, we all have been developing a set of rules and guidelines and are developing an online conscience i guess, which is a good thing…we shouldn’t be selfish assholes on this thing..
What’s even more funny and I dunno if this is stretching a bit (I’m stretch anyways hahaha): Doesn’t how are brains are working and creating neural connections, pretty much a bunch of switches that help create our mechanisms that allow us to have a mind and stuff/choose what we do in our regular tangible life, kinda parallel all this creating on the inet stuff? I dunno, maybe..
Anyways, this was a good read and is pretty good in describing dealing with criticism…. Cuz we all gotta deal with it, cuz we’re all creating stuff now… 😉 cheers


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