Cool post from 5 career endangering mistakes for artist and other stuff …..(a post from BMI.COM

Cool post from 5 career endangering mistakes for artist and other stuff …..(a post from BMI.COM

I’m always (and I do mean always) reading & searching for good relevant information that could help my band and that I can share with others that are aspiring for the same thing (I believe the term is “world domination” hahaha jk.). This was cool even though it was kind of entry levelish..

I’m a member of BMI (Broadcast Music, INC./Performing Rights Organization) so they help by collecting royalties for myself and my band members (our licensing deals, performances, radio, internet) but they’re also a great resource for information as well. I read their Career 101 posts along with other industry news they have and it’s awesome that they do provide it on their website.

I figure that GOOD advice is good advice and ANY advice is a good thing in terms of being useful (even the bad advice)….because it allows us to get a better scope/”picture” of the subject matter, and in turn——-> Allows you to make better decisions about said subject matter. No?

It’s kind of like that “The More You Know” campaign/commercial they used to have on t.v. where some actor/actress makes some statement and then a rainbow fly’s over their head. Lol. Now I know that shit worked on me when I saw them as a kid (Cause I still remember it and the lil da da da daaaaah tune they played at then end). Sponge that shizah, yo…Soak it all up. Then redistribute = YEY.



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