Forbes: How to Attract the Right People to Your Life

Forbes: How to Attract the Right People to Your Life. It’s funny I haven’t had time or had the time to make time to post up a blog of my original thoughts in recent weeks… I’ve been reposting other blogs I’ve found that I’m learning from or that applies to what I’m trying to do… (Just attempting to be goal oriented with relevant content) This was a good article because it contained things that I’ve always felt held true and have implemented in my life and character because it honestly felt like common sense + the correct way of doing things (not only in business relationships, but relationships in life overall). The more I read and learn about the world and how it works, the more I feel that reassuring “pat on the back” that tells me I’ve been right about certain things after all and It’s funny to me that I need that reassurance/validation because well, if you KNOW something is true: Why would you need to be told/shown/have someone else say it was true, right? Inter subjectivity maybe…I guess what concerns me is that I don’t have the stature or piece of paper aka. Degree, or position in society yet to be doing/voicing things like the things in this article (Telling others about ways to attract the “right” people in your life) but maybe that’s just my own fear of being right, etc. Weird, lol. Well enjoy the article if ya get a chance to read it. 🙂


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