SoundCloud may finally be gearing up to make some serious money


SoundCloud is one of those rare European online startups that is cornering its market: if you want to embed or share pure audio, whether it be music or podcasts, you’ll probably use this service. But that said, even if SoundCloud is the great hope of the Berlin scene, its ability to turn a decent profit has remained questionable.

A couple of moves revealed at SXSW on Monday may change that. The first is a drastic simplification and improvement of SoundCloud’s paid-for premium tiers -– the company’s primary source of income – while the second is the introduction of a so-called Pro Partners tier for brands. The Pro Partners tier is not only a serious potential revenue source, but it also introduces a visual element to the site that is likely to trickle down to ordinary consumer accounts in time.

Freemium boost

Let’s look at the simplified freemium model first (bearing…

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