Using the Web for good – Gordon Brown (TED Talk idea that I’m going to try to apply)

I really enjoyed this talk. I was thinking about writing about some of my overall observations of how we use the web because often at band meetings we discuss online presence and what we post/how we post/why we post. I support the idea of free speech and I guess the question that lingers in my mind is “Why do we choose to be negative in certain ways, if at using a public forum like the internet?” There’s definitely a time and place, but… I don’t know, with things like facebook, blogs, and other stuff…It just seems that a lot of us are filling this place up (the world wide web) with stuff that’s just redundant.  So I started writing out the blog (about my opinons and observations) but I realized I’m not really informed enough or qualified to be effective towards the point I would be trying to make with my post…aka. I still have a lot of learning how to articulate stuff effectively,  So I came across this TED talk that pretty much sums it up.

Wiring the Web for Global Good

And… all this evoked a song out of me. I’ll let ya know how it goes 🙂


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