Crowd funding? Effective use? Let’s do it…

Crowdfunding is definitely CHANGE happening right now….Here’s a reblog of a whole list of them, each having it’s own niche and different ways of operating. We (my band) is looking into if we can utilize crowdfunding this year and do it in a way where it’s not just another band asking for money from peeps for an album or tour etc….We’d have to use crowdsourcing in a better way. Hmmm we’ll have to sort it out but we’ll see. Anyone have experience with it (Crowdsourcing)? Thoughts?


The crowdfunding concept is starting to draw a crowd. Startups built on a version of the Kickstarter model are now popping up all over the place, in sectors from gaming to health to education.

They tend to come in one of two flavors. The first is crowdfunding platforms that help fund a wide variety of one-time projects through donations, loans or pledges in exchange for rewards. These platforms are more about pledging support for an idea, project or person than investing in a product or company.

Meanwhile, the JOBS Act has given rise to a second flavor of crowdfunding, sometimes called crowdinvesting. The act, which when it goes into effect will loosen the regulations on fundraising for companies, is spawning new funding platforms designed to help more people get into the investing game by allowing them to take a piece of equity.

There are now scores of startups offering to connect people…

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