Must not forget these…it’s easy to get caught up…

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There are some lessons an artist really needs to learn for themselves (see ‘Mistakes You Have to Make’) however there are an entire slew of music industry faux pas that I can tell you to avoid now and hopefully you’ll be able to curb making these specific mistakes first hand.

#1. Stop Wasting Time Hunting For Jackpots

What I mean by this is stop looking for the one piece of the proverbial puzzle that you feel will generate instant success. Whether it’s a battle of the bands, a tour support slot, a showcase or a record deal there is seldom ONE thing that will ever be worth sinking the majority of your time and effort.

#2. Stop Wasting Limited Band Money

Until you are making enough with your hobby to subsidize some or all of your income I strongly suggest reinvesting ALL band profits into the band. Splitting the…

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