Progress: We started using Google drive & calendar!…and nike’ing the sh** out of things…

Well let’s just say the past two weeks have been “night and day” if you were to compare the two. I’m not really sure what the catalyst was exactly, but we went from sort of having an “ummmm yah, since it’s the new year….what should we plan on doing? how we gonna do this?” kinda listless attitude to a “we had a meeting, we have a new bass player, we booked shows for the first quarter, we have photoshoot booked and shot within our budget, first southwest tour booked according to timeline we set, we’re all utilizing the calendar on Google sync’d to our phones, we’re using drive as online workspace we can all access for lyrics, music, press kits, etc., and we’re halfway done with recording our acoustic e.p., f this bullshit we is handlin it meng” straight up nike motto-ish one.

It’s like an episode of the twilight zone dude. I’m serious. It’s just not one person or anything, it’s..what’s the word?…..synergy?

Looking up the definition…… Yep, that’s the word to describe it (Wow, I guess reading the dictionary when I was younger did help…I pull applicable words outta my ass….yey).

Feels good/right. I only realized how much we had gotten done when I was talking to my cousin about how my week had been, and in my head I was like, “Woah….wait, that was all just last week dude…niiiiiiiice…”

I’m not sure what sparked the change in behavior with us. I don’t know, Isn’t human behavior supposed to be one of those complex things that you can attempt to modify/manipulate in certain conditions, but unless the change desired is incepted by the individuals at the individual level, you run into snags and it doesn’t end up working?. Hmmm, well I honestly, don’t think it was any one thing….(catalyst)…but probably a whole bunch of little things that we each had experienced in our own lives, that ended up being a positive force for our band collectively. Who knows/who cares….I really just wanted to say “wow.” I luv these dudes, and I luv my band. We ask each other and collabo on shit and hope for the best. It’s kind of nice the “best” is happening. I’m motivated for the next list of things we got to do for this next couple weeks (I’m sure the rest of the guys feel the same way). On to the next.


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