No one can hear you if you’re speaking in bitch…

Well big wtf to this….(fahim’s blogging ftw) but then again not really. I don’t even know what proper blog should incorporate so I’ll just call this a ranting/venting/”oh that’s riiight” moment that I’m writing down somewhere. As like I explained in the “About” section, my whole purpose of doing this is to BECOME ABLE to do this (learn how to make & manage site). I’m part of a band that we’re attempting to make into what would be called a “monetarily successful band,” and pretty much all of last year I spent time stressing/bitching about how it’s imperative that we make use of new technology and have certain things done in a proper manner band business-wise if we’d like to achieve that goal. Problem is: “stressing strategies” and “bitching” are two different things and I admit I’m guilty much more of the latter.
How I figured this out was pretty simple: I heard myself speaking and Ugh. Wowzers dude.
The little voice in my head was like “What the shizah is that? You sound like a bitch dude.”

That’s no way to be effective. No way to motivate peeps if that’s what you’re going for bro.

And then the reasons why came. It suddenly became apparent in my mind is that I didn’t know what I was talking about because well, I had an idea of what I was talking about but I wasn’t familiar or currently using any of these “new technologies” I wanted to try out…  Tsk tsk jackass, if someone wanted to show you how to use something, you’d expect them to know how and be able to show you how to use it. Eye for an eye johnny. Tsk tsk.

So then my train of thought went like this:
1. Are you doing all of what you’re asking other peeps to do? No? Not exactly? Ooooookaay then stfu man and stop bitching….
2. If there’s an situation you’re unhappy with, figure out what the issue is and then figure out solutions…..start doing….
3. Once you start and can implement what you learned and it starts working… Others can witness it/you can be in a position to show someone how it works, and if they want to, possibly follow suit on their own ( it’s working for you, it could work for them).
4. Duh.

Being one that bitches is never a good thing and especially not when trying to be productive in a group. Lesson learned…

This WP stuff is fun. On to the next….


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