XEROX.COM put out a great intro/start guide re: social media marketing

XEROX.COM put out a great intro/start guide re: social media marketing

Xerox.COM for bus. put out a pretty cool intro/start guide to social media marketing and why it matters, and furthermore offers a few tips on how to efficiently use it… It’s a good resource to get everyone/anyone that isn’t quite familiar with “how to do it correctly/efficently”… as in it points out key tips in using it. Def. a resource I’ll talk/share about at our next band meeting… pass it along :)

How to tell if Heartbleed could have stolen your password, and when it’s safe to change it

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Originally posted on Quartz:

As you’ve probably heard, the Heartbleed bug exposes websites that use a popular encryption technology to malicious attacks, and some of your passwords—and personal data—may well have been compromised. The vulnerable software, OpenSSL, is used to encrypt something like two-thirds of all sites on the web.

Who’s affected?

GitHub user Mustafa Al-Bassam performed a mass scan for vulnerable sites at 16:00 UTC (noon US eastern time) on April 8th. It features over 10,000 websites, and he found that 627 of them were vulnerable to the bug. Yahoo sites (including email and Tumblr) were vulnerable, as was the popular dating site OkCupid.

What you can do now

We recommend searching the list linked above for your email provider, bank, and so on. Keep in mind that many of the sites that were vulnerable yesterday have since fixed their security problem. Check your inbox—if a site you use has been made safe again, it may have emailed…

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Low Vitamin D Levels Linked To Disease In Two Big Studies

Reblog for notes…..ive been horrible in recent years in re: taking care of myself, “depression it seems is a frustrating mess” lol. No but this is a good thing that made me think…..I love milk, and I love cereal….and in the case of milk…..I know its fortified up the hizzass with vit. D and I believe a….and I luv the sun…so plus points for that.. .oh and in regarfs to cereal? One of my faves is mini wheats…I enjoy a huge fiber intake so I look for stuff that’ll hook it up in that dept…. so one of these days im gonna go over and start using this blog for an actual directed purpose rather than as a scrapbook for myself to repost info, and things that made me think and helped me do the whole “becoming the best me” quest… and in re: to that, it’s working, this year is definitely a diff animal than last year….and its fuckin awesome…yeeeeaaa hahaha (god I hope no one reads this, im so wierd) etc..etc… :)

CloudGOO’s New App Turns All Your Cloud Storage Accounts Into One Big, Combined Drive

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yey finally people thinking with productivity and finding a way to make it feasible instead of just offering another service that is already exists three times over…

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

CloudGOO , a newly launched Android application with something of a silly name, offers a way for you to smush together all your cloud-based file storage accounts to form one big cloud drive in the sky. That is, the app aggregates your cloud drive accounts into one mobile interface, then uses that space as if it were one drive for things like automatic uploads of photos, videos, music, and documents.

The new service was launched just days ago by Berlin-based developer Jared Preston, who previously spent a few years in Seattle working for Microsoft on the Windows Live platform, followed by some time at Deutsche Telekom.

He explains that unlike other platforms, such as Jolicloud for example, which attempted to aggregate a user’s web services under one roof, the idea with CloudGOO is not to have you navigate between your drives or media spaces using the app. Instead, he says, “you simply access and use your stuff…

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Your phone will read people’s emotions better than you ever could

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scary cool

Originally posted on Quartz:

Computers stole your job; now they know your pain. Using a combination of facial recognition software and machine learning algorithms, researchers have trained computers to be dramatically better than humans at reading pained facial expressions. And they’re working on new programs to help clue you into what your friend, coworker, or client is feeling.

In a study released Friday (paywall) in the journal Current Biology, researchers asked 170 subjects whether the expressions of pain shown on faces in a series of videos were real or faked. They found that the humans’ collective empathetic ability was about the same as a coin flip—they read the expressions correctly only 50% of the time. Even after researchers trained the subjects to read the subtle, involuntary muscle triggers that experts use to tell when an emotion is being faked, they were only right 55% of the time.

With the same footage, the computer program could see which people were in…

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It takes $290,000 in cash to rent an apartment in Seoul

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Originally posted on Quartz:

This post has been corrected.

Many Koreans who rent apartments don’t actually pay rent.

You read that right. They don’t make monthly rent payments.

Don’t start planning your move to Seoul just yet. There’s a catch. To get one of those apartments, on average, you need to plunk down the equivalent of almost $300,000.

Under the country’s Jeonse—or Chonsei—system, tenants lend significant chunks of money to landlords in lieu of rent. (Jeonse is usually translated as “key money.”) It works like this. In exchange for access to the property for specified term—usually two years—tenants make a lump sum deposit to the landlord, based on a percentage of what it would cost to buy the property. The transaction is essentially a loan, with the tenant as the lender, the landlord as the borrower, and the house as the collateral.

Jeonse contracts have deep roots in Korea. (They can be traced back…

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How To Stay Focused When You Get Bored Working Toward Your Goals

Yey consistency! I realized that the simple fact that consistency is what separates the “pros” from those that wish they were “pros”…after being questioned time and time again about how our band slant is different from any other bands out there and why i believe the music that we make in our band slant is something that anyone would choose to care about. I can’t say we’re any better than anyone really….all I really could answer that question with is the fact that we’re making music as honestly and “purely” as we can…and by “honestly” and “purely” I mean we try to put out music that we believe in as our best articulation/conveyance of whatever thought or subject that we’re trying to get across….and that’s what I think peeps can notice intrinsically and even more importantly: have had people voice is what they’ve noticed and is appealing, and ultimately what sets us apart. Well, that’s pretty cool because its hella easy to write cool songs without purpose or slack off and not ….so its nice that we’re possibly doing well in achieving that goal of being able to make music and songs that people enjoy and will listen to, I play guitar everyday, i make some kinda music everyday, i learn new stuff everyday and and i try to make my everyday choices/decisions in accordance to our want…..which is being able to continue making music feasibly for the rest of my life, because its that important to me….and whats cool for me lately, ive noticed that nowpeople have seemed to understand that its not just a phase of my life or a simple hobby in my eyes…so that’s pretty cool and it did take a bit to be accepted as a person in a “real” band (whatever that means…) And so yeah, that’s what we offer….consistency in the pursuit of making music and always learning what we can, when we can so we can continue to do what we do and hopefully continue to do so…..


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