Watch “Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters” on YouTube

Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters:

Pretty sic….great talk on explaining why privacy matters and goes over why its important to explain privacy to those who have the impaired belief that “i dont have to worry about privacy because im not doing anything wrong….” Good stuff

Thought Catalog: Are You At A Crossroads In Your Life? It Means More Than You Realize

Thought Catalog: Are You At A Crossroads In Your Life? It Means More Than You Realize.

I just came across one major one in my life…. And it was wierd cuz it took a year and a half and almost my sanity. (Court and how i went about it..). New step: try to help moms yo. Help her deal with hers so she no longer dwells in indecision.

Liberalism And Gentrification

Wierd how peeps can not see how this takes place… Ignorance is ignorance i suppose…

The Source Of Bad Writing (reblog from wsj/umano)

I can say that ive been at fault of “not stepping away” from things in order to gain the outside perspective/be able to articulate something so its comprehensible….. What i found was good practice is just do it…step away and go over it as if someone else came up with it (whatever it is, drawing, writing a song, or writing in general etc.)…and find the flaws. Figure out how to fix those flaws to make it better in achieving its purpose… And listen to whatever criticism others give.. And it comes out well…tadah! I end up not worrying about if its bs or something written well..

Develop Discipline By Seeing The Good In Any Task

Yeah dude thats when what you’re doing runs parallel to what you want to do…

Re: Objectification

Check out this cool image made with PicsArt by @fahimuzzaman at



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