Thought Catalog: ‘Art is Bullshit’ And 10 More Critical Things I Will Teach You About Art

Thought Catalog: ‘Art is Bullshit’ And 10 More Critical Things I Will Teach You About Art.

The last line of this article is super close to what i always tried to describe it as…. Instead of “feels like you’ve been kissed by god..” (Which is a way better descrip.. ) I’ve said “things just fall outta the sky like rain…” And when it comes to guitar playing.. “The patterns just end up fitting like a puzzle and stuff”… Some coo shit man… In never ceases to wow the f outta me…

Writing is cheaper than therapy or drugs.

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Sometimes you wish for something so hard and then it actually comes true. Has that happened to you? Against countless odds and still, your wish actually came true. Does it count as being lucky or should you be careful about hitching your hopes up too high? I’ve been thinking these thoughts for a while now. I’ve been thinking so much about it and I’ve also been trying not to think at all.

So much has happened since the last time I was here, blogger friends. So. Much. Where do I start from and how do I explain any of this? I am not sure. But I want to take it one step at a time. Keep my emotions in check. Make sure I’m not borrowing more happiness than I deserve to have in my share.

I can’t write like I used to. I’m putting that out there so you can…

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Why Bad People Make The Best Leaders

This is hilariously EXACTLY what i was a lil ashamed to elaborate upon when i softly mentioned to one of my cousins that: Dude, i’m not really that “good” of a person. He was a bit taken back by me saying this….. I had was his older cousin, pretty much older bro, and complete partner in crime so-to-speak for our whole lives.. He quickly fired back with “wtf u talking bout bro? Ur like one of the best people on the planet….u do so much, u help everyone…no way….” Locking his stare directly at my face to see whether this was real or if i was just on another one of my rants…. he didnt wanna believe that the notion could be true…even though in that same moment he realized…”shit he is right….again..”/

Watch “Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters” on YouTube

Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters:

Pretty sic….great talk on explaining why privacy matters and goes over why its important to explain privacy to those who have the impaired belief that “i dont have to worry about privacy because im not doing anything wrong….” Good stuff

Thought Catalog: Are You At A Crossroads In Your Life? It Means More Than You Realize

Thought Catalog: Are You At A Crossroads In Your Life? It Means More Than You Realize.

I just came across one major one in my life…. And it was wierd cuz it took a year and a half and almost my sanity. (Court and how i went about it..). New step: try to help moms yo. Help her deal with hers so she no longer dwells in indecision.

Liberalism And Gentrification

Wierd how peeps can not see how this takes place… Ignorance is ignorance i suppose…

The Source Of Bad Writing (reblog from wsj/umano)

I can say that ive been at fault of “not stepping away” from things in order to gain the outside perspective/be able to articulate something so its comprehensible….. What i found was good practice is just do it…step away and go over it as if someone else came up with it (whatever it is, drawing, writing a song, or writing in general etc.)…and find the flaws. Figure out how to fix those flaws to make it better in achieving its purpose… And listen to whatever criticism others give.. And it comes out well…tadah! I end up not worrying about if its bs or something written well..


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