Liberalism And Gentrification

Wierd how peeps can not see how this takes place… Ignorance is ignorance i suppose…

The Source Of Bad Writing (reblog from wsj/umano)

I can say that ive been at fault of “not stepping away” from things in order to gain the outside perspective/be able to articulate something so its comprehensible….. What i found was good practice is just do it…step away and go over it as if someone else came up with it (whatever it is, drawing, writing a song, or writing in general etc.)…and find the flaws. Figure out how to fix those flaws to make it better in achieving its purpose… And listen to whatever criticism others give.. And it comes out well…tadah! I end up not worrying about if its bs or something written well..

Develop Discipline By Seeing The Good In Any Task

Yeah dude thats when what you’re doing runs parallel to what you want to do…

Re: Objectification

Check out this cool image made with PicsArt by @fahimuzzaman at




Spot on sir… Spot on…: “Doing it this way saves them from any potential embarrassment of it “flopping” and/or the reality that even U2 isn’t gonna sell millions of copies like the old days. By any measure, conventional sales figures of this album would have looked bad by U2 standards even if still in line with rock-bottom expectations of music sales in 2014. So this gets them publicity and they get to look like they gave it away for free…”

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St. Bono and the boys were so busy rushing this off to Apple Corp to push to you that they didn't even have to make a cover!

St. Bono and the boys were so busy rushing this off to Apple Corp to push to you that they didn’t even have time to make a cover!

First, this isn’t really a first. Thousands of bands release free digital albums all the time. Even in the realm of major commercial artists obviously we had Radiohead “giving away” In Rainbows almost 7 years ago as part of a “pay what you want” thing… and as for selling it to a corporate sponsor for them to give away, Prince had his Twenty Ten CD given away with a newspaper in the U.K. a few years ago. AC/DC, the Eagles, Justin Timberlake, Prince and several others have cut exclusive deals with the likes of Target and WalMart. Jay-Z had an (intrusive) app to deliver his free album (sponsored by Samsung). And Beyonce and others have done the suddenly announced/released “IT’S HERE NOW” album…

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The shifting sands of online video consumption in the US, illustrated in a single chart


and there we have it….

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The above chart, which comes from a survey of 1,007 Americans conducted by RBC Capital Markets and was published in a note this morning—I tweeted out RBC’s more detailed but harder to read chart earlier today—gives a nice illustration of what’s happened in US online television over the past 18 months.

YouTube, Netflix, and, in particular, Amazon continue to capture eyeballs. The commercial TV networks continue to lose them—in this case not for their linear broadcasts, although that is happening too, but for their online properties. (To be fair, the networks’ content still is being consumed online, just not necessarily through their websites).

Another thing that stands out: HBO Go really is a niche service, at least according to this survey. Another way to look at it, though, is that there is plenty of room for it to grow.

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